About Humanist and Secularist Liberal Democrats

Who We Are

Humanist & Secularist Liberal Democrats is for all Liberal Democrats, of all religions and beliefs, who seek an end to privilege and discrimination based on religion or belief, and believe in a humane and evidence-based approach to public ethical issues.

We are an Associated Organisation within the party, and are affiliated to both Humanists UK (the renamed British Humanist Association) and the National Secular Society.

What We Believe In

  • A free, fair and equal society for all, regardless of religious or non-religious beliefs;
  • A state that does not identify itself and its citizens with any one religion;
  • Freedom of belief, and the right to manifest that belief in ways that do not impose it on others or restrict the freedom of belief of others;
  • That what unites us as liberals is stronger than our differences of belief.

What We Do


  • Promotes humanism and secularism within the party, by contributing towards party policy and debate;
  • Initiates and promotes campaigns on humanist and secularist issues;
  • Promotes the Liberal Democrats within the humanist and secularist movements;
  • Ensures a voice for party members who do not have a religious belief.

How To Get Involved

Join Humanist and Secularist Liberal Democrats - any current party member can become a member of HSLD; our membership costs just £10 a year.

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Come to Federal Conference - make party policy, by speaking in the debates and voting; meet us at our stand; come to our meetings and even join our committee.